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The PROLINKHealth Program is guided by three fundamental philosophies:

At LMS PROLINK Ltd, you have access to PROLINKHealth and the very best insurance professionals. With our seasoned staff and other business consultants consisting of underwriters, actuaries, risk control consultants, claims and legal experts, we are able to provide service excellence and insurance innovations, which means that you have access to the information, tools and insights to help you make the right insurance and business decisions, now and in the future.

Our commitment to the wellbeing of the healthcare industry coupled with our consistent, timely and comprehensive insurance solutions allows us to provide you with the innovation and products for each and every eventuality that you and your clinic may face, wherever and whenever it may arise.

The ability to select the optimum level of coverage to match your personal and corporate needs. Simply the best level of healthcare insurance at the most competitive insurance cost in the market, with total transparency about the product you purchase and what you are paying.

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